How to join ROBO-ONE

We will show you how to participate in ROBO-ONE and ROBO-ONE Light as athletes.

Player registration

First, please click "Register Player" in the upper right to register the player. Player registration is free.

Login to My Page

When player registration is completed, log in with the user ID and password set at the time of player registration from "Login" in the upper right.

Add a robot

After logging in to My Page, click "Garage" on the menu.
You can add robot information by pressing the "Add" button in the garage. Even if one of the robot's images is entered in the competition, it will be able to register.

Entry to the competition

To enter the competition, click "Entry (entry)" on the menu of My page. If the competition is in the entry acceptance period, click "Entry" button will be displayed.
Click "I agree to the terms and privacy policy" and click the "Entry" button.
Select the robot to be entered, participation fee, etc., and click the "Confirm contents" button.
Please check the contents and click the "confirm entry" button.
The robot name and team name at the time of entry will be used. Even if you change the robot name or team name after entry, it will not be reflected in the competition.

Payment of participation fee

To pay for participation fee, click "entry" of My page first.
The tournament being entered is displayed in the "Competition in entry" column. Click on the "invoice" link, the billing amount and transfer destination information will be displayed.
When the transfer is completed, click the "payment completion contact" button.
Please enter the transfer name and click on the "send payment completion contact" button.