ROBO-ONE Kendo Ranking

Robots are ranked after tournaments held by the Biped Robot Association are completed. Points are tabulated for ROBO-ONE preliminaries and finals for the past three years. Points and the relative weight given to tournaments in each of the past three years are as stated in How Points are Assigned (however, this started in fiscal 2014, so data for fiscal 2013 and prior is not used).


The following apply to robots ranked in the top 3 of each division when participating in the next tournament. 1. Participation fees for the tournament are waived.
2. May participate in the finals tournament regardless of preliminary round results in tournaments with preliminaries.
3. We will give consideration to the tournament at tournament without qualifying..

Total entries´╝Ü 27
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Image Rank Point Name Team
Rank 19 8 pt sotyouTagu robobotyuenchi kinanagi
Rank 22 7 pt Neutrino-Nero Hida-Kamioka HighSchool Robotics Club
Rank 22 7 pt "ROBO-ONE 4kg or less class" to be completed in 100 days sasaki
Rank 22 7 pt KUREYONNSYUUTYANN Daichi with robot land
Rank 25 4 pt Serenadeus SERENA Lab
Rank 26 2 pt kunisoku ku1
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