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Robots are ranked after tournaments held by the Biped Robot Association are completed. Points are tabulated for ROBO-ONE preliminaries and finals for the past three years. Points and the relative weight given to tournaments in each of the past three years are as stated in How Points are Assigned.


The following apply to robots ranked in the top 3 of each division when participating in the next tournament. 1. Participation fees for the tournament are waived.
2. May participate in the finals tournament regardless of preliminary round results in tournaments with preliminaries.
3. We will give consideration to the tournament at tournament without qualifying..

Total entries: 32
1 2 1 / 2
Image Rank Point Name Team
Rank 1 790 pt Robovie-Z Blue Tripleize with Osaka Institute of Technology
Rank 2 639 pt KOBIS BISKO
Rank 3 544 pt Robovie-Z White Tripleize with Osaka Institute of Technology
Rank 4 432 pt Ⅲ-HYB OMEGA BLAST
Rank 5 368 pt Metallic Fighter Morinaga
Rank 6 350 pt SHIELD Two SHIELD Works
Rank 7 320 pt Pico-chan A&A
Rank 8 263 pt Frankun technoRAT
Rank 9 174 pt crescendo Nijigasaki HighSchool Robotics Club PUKUTAI
Rank 10 120 pt Proto 2nd Sprita
Rank 11 104 pt Aoba tonakai
Rank 11 104 pt KING.PUNI PUNI
Rank 13 84 pt SANDBAG HKUST
Rank 14 80 pt Dynamics HKUST
Rank 15 60 pt AI-san watako
Rank 16 30 pt automaton yoshida familia
Rank 16 30 pt II-HYB OMEGA BLAST
Rank 18 24 pt YOO WON GYEONG R-play
Rank 19 20 pt joey001-b Gadget House Saitama
Rank 19 20 pt JOEY002 ODR
1 2 1 / 2
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