26thROBO-ONE Light

Date: March 3 2024

The tournament was over.

Location: Atsugi Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Bipedal Robot Association (General Incorporated Association) will hold the 26th ROBO-ONE Light, a bipedal robot fighting competition, to improve manufacturing technology and popularize bipedal robots.

We will be streaming live on Twitch, so please check it out!
Twitch is here!



It is a picture of the past tournament.

Sponsored by: Bipedal Robot Association
Co-organized by: Atsugi Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Special members: Kondo Kagaku Co., Ltd., Artificial Intelligence Robot Research Institute Co., Ltd., Robot Yuenchi/MANOI Planning Co., Ltd.
General member:Vstone Co., Ltd.
Supporting member: Osakaya Shoji Co., Ltd.

26th ROBO-ONE Light Prize
Winner: Prize money: 200,000 yen
Runner-up prize: 50,000 yen
3rd place prize money 30,000 yen
Technology Award: Prize money: 30,000 yen
Sponsoring company award


Champion KOBIS / BISKO
Runner-up femuto / Osaka Electro-Communication University JiyuKoubou HRP
Third-place black thunder / Matsubayashi
Fourth-place Metallic Fighter / Morinaga
Technical Prize Metallic Fighter / Morinaga
おおさかやしょうじしょう orukazyunn / Kobe Municipal High School of Science and Technology
Technical Prize KABUTOMUSI / Daidou University Old Boy
KONDOKAGAKU Award femuto / Osaka Electro-Communication University JiyuKoubou HRP
AI Robot Priz KodomoBlue / NAKAMU
Award of ORIGINALMIND Harpuia / Ji-ko

Entry List Sorting by qualification Qualifying result Final tournament

Click here for Competition Rules(English)   Click here for Competition Rules(Japanese)   Click here for Certified Robots

Robot entry registration: January 15 2024 ~February 16 2024
Check My Page for robot entries, messages to competitors, etc.


Atsugi Chamber of Commerce and Industry


March 3rd (Sunday) ROBO-ONE Light qualifying round, final tournament

10:00 Opening
10:05 Foot race/Rumble
12:30 -Break-
13:30 Final tournament until the second round
15:30 Final tournament until semi-finals
17:00 Final Tournament Third Place Playoff/Final
17:20 Award ceremony/fun raffle
17:50 Tournament ends